Rite Bobbin


Here's a great video from our friends at Tightline Productions. It will show you the Rite Bobbin in action, beginning with how to load thread onto the bobbin, how to use the unique tension adjuster, and other basics. It also walks you through how to finish your fly with a half hitch using the special tapered end of the RB Half Hitch model. Enjoy!

Rite Standard Bobbin

Rite Standard Bobbin 2 minute video description.

Rite Shorty Bobbin

Rite Shorty Bobbin two minute video description.

Rite Half Hitch Mag Bobbin

Rite Half Hitch Mag 2 minute video description

Rite Cermag Bobbin

Rite Cermag 2 minute video description

Rite Mag Bobbin

Rite Mag Bobbin 2 minute video description