"The Bobbins give me precise tension control to the fine monofilament threads we use to tie big fliesin Brazil. Even tough our fish are ferocious, they can see the difference and often times refuse badly tied flies." - Thiago Zanetti, Brazil.



"I have been using your bobbins now for a couple of years and this week purchased one of your new half hitch models. I really did not think the old models could be improved upon but this new model is a 'giant step for fly tying mankind,' in my view. For fifty years now I have tied flies and used just a couple of half hitches instead of whip finish, however this new model has converted me to a whip finisher, it is so simple. One giant problem, I normally have ten or twelve bobbins loaded and now I have to make some redundant to upgrade them all to the new model." - Neville H. Walker, England



"A lot of my patterns require very light bobbin pressure and your bobbins deliver. The flies that I have attached were tied with deer hair and thread, with Rite Bobbins. It's very important that the thread is wrapped in such a way that it does not crush the hollow deer hair fibers. Wrapping the fibers too tight would cause the fly to be too dense and not stay above the surface. Thanks for putting thread control back into my hands, it adds to the enjoyment I get tying." - Fred G. Hannie, www.realisticflytying.net


"Shortly after being introduced to the Rite Bobbin I took all of my others to a T.U. Meeting and gave them away. Ten years later I'm still using the Rite Bobbin. They're just great. - Fishy Fullum


Pro tyer Jim Schollmeyer is hard at work with a Rite Bobbin.